Cambiano le regole per le caution

IndyCar is hoping that changes being introduced to its pitlane rules will shorten the amount of time spent under yellows and make restarts fairer for drivers at the front of the field. Starting with this weekend's race in Long Beach, the pitlane will be kept open during non-emergency full-course yellows, and lapped traffic will be moved to the back of the field prior to the restart. Cars that are not on the lead lap will be directed to drive down pitlane on their limiters during the restart and rejoin the field at the back. The series' president of competition Beaux Barfield said that the changes were aimed at reducing congestion in the pits and improving the overall show. "The pits have historically been closed during full-course yellows to make sure that not only the field is under control but in order before opening the pits," he said. "As such, it leads to this rush when all 26 cars come in at the same time. It can be exciting, but it definitely is a contributing factor to some of the pitlane issues that we've had in the recent past." Barfield believes that the combined benefits of not having to spend an extra lap under cautions gathering the field together and reducing the chance of failed restarts could result in full-course caution periods becoming as short as two laps.
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