BOSCH DRIVERLESS: how to design a self-driving prototype

BOSCH DRIVERLESS: how to design a self-driving prototype

Bosch DRIVERLESS: Here - Episode 5

We are at the penultimate stage of this journey in which we want to tell you all about the adventure of the students from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. They are working on a prototype for the Formula SAE, a championship in which the main and most prestigious academic institutes in the world compete with single-seater racing cars built ad hoc by the students.

As we told you in previous episodes, this team is working on a self-driving prototype. Using their own ingenuity, in addition to the products and basic technical training provided by Bosch and other partners, the students have finally shaped the prototype.

Now, however, it's time for an important evolutionary step. With a view to the potential future development of the vehicle, the team has thoroughly studied the HERE Technologies HD Live Map, an industry-leading environmental mapping system. For any kind of self-driving car, it is vital to know and perfectly interpret - even in advance - the route it will go through.

The MMR Driverless team is fully aware of this and has worked hard to acquire new knowledge in the field. In fact, high-definition maps can potentially act as an additional sensor in autonomous driving, complementing the prototype's eyes: delving into this aspect is fundamental and extremely exciting for the students.

Here we go: everything has been set up correctly, the single-seater is ready to go on track.

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The HERE HD Live Map is a cloud-based service comprised of various tiled mapping layers that are highly accurate and continuously updated to support connected ADAS and highly automated driving solutions. The layers are logically structured into Road Model (provides vehicles with local knowledge that goes beyond the visibility of onboard sensors), HD Lane Model (provides more precise, lane level details; supports high definition lane topology and geometry, modeled with 3D positions), and HD Localization Model (allows for utilization of multiple different localization approaches, to assist the vehicle in accurately locating itself within the lane it travels).

Bosch DRIVERLESS: Final - Episode 6
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Bosch DRIVERLESS: Here - Episodio 5

Bosch DRIVERLESS: Here - Episodio 5
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