BOSCH DRIVERLESS: how to design a self-driving prototype

BOSCH DRIVERLESS: how to design a self-driving prototype

Bosch DRIVERLESS: Final - Episode 6

Here we are with the last episode of the webseries DRIVERLESS powered by Bosch, which recounts the adventure of the students of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in the creation of an autonomous driving prototype destined to compete in the Formula SAE championship.

All journeys come to an end. In these episodes we have told you about the passion, commitment and dedication of the students from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, who have created from scratch a single-seater car that will compete in Formula SAE, a championship in which the best universities in the world challenge each other by fielding race cars developed by students on track.

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On top of that, the challenge for the protagonists of these episodes was even more ambitious in this case, since they have created a single-seater self-driving prototype.

There is a moment in the journey where you need to stop and look at where you started. It is here that you remember the sacrifices, efforts, strokes of genius and setbacks you found along the way. And it is here that the key words of the adventure reverberate like a silent mantra: Sense. Think. Act. Not just words, but almost a way of life: perceive, think, act.

Diletta, this is the name the team has chosen for the prototype, knows how to interpret the surrounding environment through a special set of sensors; it knows how to plan the driving strategy and puts it into practice by activating the steering, engine, transmission and braking system depending on the route ahead.

Put yourself in the students' shoes for a moment. Think about the effort, the hours of lost sleep and invested into the project. Try to imagine how difficult it is to carry out all this in such a delicate historical moment as the one we are living due to the pandemic. It all becomes even harder, having to combine it with lessons, study and exams.

Look at their eyes: eyes of young dreamers who are experiencing the world of cars and motorsports, who invest in themselves and in the group. We can say, without sounding bombastic, that we have rarely seen such a strong and grounded cohesion and determination. The first result came in July 2021: the team debuted remotely at the Formula Student IMechE in Silverstone, winning the "Class Autonomous Design" award.

But this is just the beginning. Seeing the car on the race track for the first time is unforgettable. Just as the journey was unforgettable.


The students have made a diagnostic implementation from scratch. In fact, the Bosch Motorsport high-performance control unit is not equipped with any pre-set diagnostic protocols. The students used the Bosch KTS 250 diagnostic tester that is normally used in workshops, performing a diagnosis tailored to their project. The tester stands out for its high ease of use thanks to its intuitive user interface and is developed on the Android system. The KTS 250, which is equipped with Bosch's ESI[tronic] diagnostic software, enables an efficient control unit diagnosis on almost all types of cars on the market, covering around 150 brands.

Bosch DRIVERLESS: Final - Episodio 6
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Bosch DRIVERLESS: Final - Episodio 6

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